Omnia Stand
The Stand designed for musicians and high-quality sound lovers!
Fits instruments Hang, Handpan, Pantam, Rav Vast, Orion and others.

Omnia Stand
The Stand designed for musicians and high-quality sound lovers!

Fits instruments Hang, Handpan, Pantam, Rav Vast, Orion and others.

We represent a special stands for Handpans with height adjustment.
Omnia Stand Benefits
Specialized for HANDPAN
Designed specifically for Hang, Handpan, Pantam, Rav Vast, Orion.
Consider instrument design peculiarities.
Height adjustable
The Omnia Stand Normal is designed to play sitting on a chair. Suitable for those people who do not feel comfortable in the lotus position.
Individually height adjustable
Do not distort the sound
Designed to maintain the sound of the instrument, to keep sustain (the duration of the sound). There is no squeak and jingle of supports
Lightweight and compact
Light weight, easy to carry, easy and quickly to to assemble or disassemble
Convenient instrument placement
Let you place the instrument at a convenient angle, fix it, prevent slipping down and spinning when playing
Stable and durable
Supports design allows to use the stand both on the stage and outdoors (the supports do not disperse!) Due to the quality lacquer and wood the supports are rain resistant
Suitable for double sided instruments
Allows you to put double sided instruments on the stand without blocking the bottom notes
Convenient case
Comes with a convenient case with adjustable handle length for storage and transportation.
The Stand case can be attached to the handpan case
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OmniaStand Normal (for playing sitting)
The cost without shipment is 135€
OmniaStand High (for playing standing)
The cost without shipment is 145€
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Feedbacks from happy owners of Omnia Stand
This stand is perfect for me.
Easy to use, adjustable the height, the grip is stable and no slip, light weight, so it is very convenience to bring and use anywhere.
In my case, my body is small so I can not put handpan on my legs safety.
Also even if I use the other stand, I needed to prepare a cheer with specific height.
I started to use this stand, so I will not have that problems any more.
I am so happy to use it.
🦋Handpan player | Japan
I'm in love with this stand - especially the idea of using rubber-coated nozzles which helps to place an instrument at an angle.
Perfect using for the sound-record studio
Multi-instrumentalist and composer | Germany
I'm really grateful to Omniastand for awfully convenient handpan stands! It's truly indispensable accessories for a handpan player.
For the last past years I haven't used any stands for my classes, but now it changed. My students are happy because of comfortable stands - there is no more stiffening up legs and backs pain because of sitting on the floor Also it's let you dancing while playing songs with a DJ.
Stands are also lovely and goes with a nice cover. They are not heavy (what's the most crucial characteristic for me), conveniently laid out, easy to adjust the height and most importantly - do not drown out the sound of the instrument! I think OmniaStand is the best stands, so I gladly advise students to use stands for playing
Musician, teacher | Russia
I love the Handpan Omniastand stands because they are not only visually pleasing, but also light and easy to use. The distribution of the tripods is perfect for the use of the bottom notes, unlike a classic snare drum stand. Finally, the tripods size and width adjustment system allows all possible uses. This is very good material!
Musician | France
I like the stand because it is made of natural materials. Wood always looks good on the stage together with metal handpans and ravvast. The stand does not have extra screws or any other details that is a big advantage. You are not afraid to lose or forget something, and the main point is that it speeds up the installation. The instruments fit tightly and precisely due to the rubber supports. And, also, due to them, the stand does not slide on the floor.
Multipercussionist| Russia
Playing without a stand, keeping the handpan on your knees, you face a constant "slipping down" of the instrument. Metal stands add nasty ringing. That's why the stand of Omnia Stand is the best variant. The sound is not distorted, you can change the angle of the instrument and the height of the stand. What is more important, is that it is lightweight and can be put into the waterproof case that goes with the stand. I have already tried to go on tour with it, the impressions are only positive.
Musician, teacher | Russia
I'm very happy about the stand from Omnia Stand for its practical and neat design. It fits all my handpans (Omana, SPB Pantam, RAV VAST DRUM) and does not muffle the sound. It can be placed at the angle that would be convenient for you.
Very convenient to use.
Musician | Russia
Stands are very convenient, lightweight and easy to use. Instruments are placed firmly on the rubber pads. I think it's the best variant on the market now. Recommended to everyone!
Hang musician, festival organizer | Russia
Completely new feelings from the play. More freedom, maximum comfort, and such a lightweight it is! Thank you!
Musician, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist,
teacher INOY DS | Russia
Everyday we work in order to provide
high quality of the Omnia Stands.
Everyday we work in order to provide
high quality of the Omnia Stands.
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