Take the stand out of the case, place it on the floor with the straps down. Open the stand (if to look from above, you need to move the supports counterclockwise), if needed, fix the straps, if they are wrapped around the feet. The stand is in the position to use (photo 1). The stand will be on the height that you previously adjusted or used last time.
In order to change the height of the stand, you need to adjust the length of the straps. For this, it is just needed to turn the pawl into a perpendicular position and pull the strap, lengthening or shortening it (photo 2).

Important! To maintain the stability of the stand the straps must be of the same length. For the convenience, when installing the same length, colored marks on the straps can be used.

Important! You must not adjust the height with an instrument placed on the stand.

In both variants, the stand minimize the instrument involuntary rotation and angle of inclination change during the play, that often occurs when the instrument is placed on the lap or on drum stands.

Important! Install the instrument on the stand smoothly and carefully on the all three supports. Make sure that none of the supports hit the resonator hole of the Gu instrument.
The surface must be smooth enough and not slippery in order to provide good straps tension and stability of the stand. It is perfect when the floor is wooden or made of stone, ground or other dense surfaces.

It is not recommended to play on viscous sandy surface where the feet of the stand can go down. If the surface is wet, the moisture should not get on the wood supports (small puddle are acceptable - up to 1 cm in depth).

Linoleum and other similar surfaces may squeak when they contact with the bottom caps (if you play intensely or punch the instrument). In order to remove this undesirable effect, lay a thick woven rug under the stand.
Store in a dry place with a relative humidity of not more than 60%.

In case оf getting wet, the stand and the case must be carefully dried: get the stand out of the case, put it into the position to use, hang the case open.

In case of getting dirty, it is allowed to wipe the stand with a wet cloth followed by required drying.

Do not store wet stands.

In order to maintain the waterproof characteristics and good appearance of the product, it is needed to avoid impact on the stand supports and mechanical damage of the surface.
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